Best Tips for Choosing a Private Tutor for Your Children

In Australia, more parents are seeking private tuition for their children to supplement formal learning. Choosing a tutor is not easy since parents are faced with many questions revolving around the cost of private schooling, privacy, safety and the success of the programme. Besides, since several tutoring programs and agencies are available, making the right choice can be overwhelming for parents. This article offers useful tips for choosing a private tutor for your children.

Private Tutoring Options

Private tutoring or home tuition is suitable when you want to build on the success of your children's academic progress. Moreover, home tuition can increase a child's learning capability. Private tutoring sessions can occur at either your home or a tutor's place. However, many parents might not feel safe leaving their children with tutors. Therefore, a neutral but secure location can make parents feel assured about the wellbeing of their children. Such public locations include coffee shops, parks and libraries. Remember that when you ask a private tutor to come to your home, you might have to incur transport costs, especially if a tutor lives far from your location. However, the cost is offset by the convenience and safety of your children.

Working With Children's Check (WWCC)

Depending on the jurisdiction, a tutor might be required to conduct some form of screening, which certifies that they can work with minors below the age of 18. Such a permit is known as Working With Children's Check (WWCC). When a private tutor applies for the WWCC, the police conduct a background check to determine if an applicant has any criminal records that are relevant to their profession. If a tutor has a clean bill of health, a WWCC card is issued. Before hiring a private tutor for your children, ensure that they have a valid WWCC card.

Leverage Technology

Advancement in technology has changed the way learning is conducted. For example, the rise of online tutoring could be beneficial to your children, especially if your home is connected to the internet. Digital literacy, through the use of video conferencing and online learning portals, is cost-effective in the long-run. Such forms of learning can offer convenience to your children since they can interact with a private tutor without leaving home. Assignments can be sent to your email or uploaded on a children's learning portal. Complete tasks can be uploaded for review, marking, and feedback provision. Besides, a tutor can use video conferencing to interact directly with your children which is akin to face-to-face classroom learning.

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